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Q: Lisa was on Facebook asking..."What are the different apples good for? (baking, sauce, chomping, etc etc.)

Tims says:

About our Local Apples...

Paula Red: crisp with juicy flesh and has a slightly tart flavor...excellent apple for baking, cooking or for eating as a snack. When making applesauce with this apple, very little sugar generally needs to be added.  They get sweeter as the season goes on.  It's the first early good eating apple and only available for about one month.

Cortland: excellent for pies and eating--nice crisp snap,sweet taste doesn't go to mush when cooked.

Macs: excellent for apple sauce and pies ( tends to go a bit mushy), sweet taste, tends to be a little softer than Cortland.

Both Cortland & Macs are in season and plentiful by mid-October, fresh from Gagetown every week.......note these apples get a bit softer and lose there snap later in the season.

Ginger gold: sweet, softer like a golden delicious apple eating or sauce

Honey Crisp: NB grown, very sweet and very crisp (wonderful snap to them) the best selling apple at Cochran's.  You can cook with them, but they are best enjoyed when eaten fresh
All of these apples are available well into the spring. make a exceptional apple pie, use a variety of different apples--for great flavour!