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Cochran's Catering - Entertaining Trays & Coffee

Platters & Trays

We prepare Sandwich Trays, Cheese Trays, Festive Cheese Ball Trays, Pate Trays, Dipping Trays, Meat Trays, Vegetable Trays, Fruit Trays, and,

of course, Sweet Trays of Christmas goodies for your meetings, get-togethers and parties.  Let us know how many people you need to feed and we'll do the rest!

Download our brochure or read more about our tray selection and prices below.

Cochran's, Entertaining Brochure-1.pdf

More about our  Entertaining Deli Trays...


What size Deli Tray do you need?

12 trays will entertain
7 to 10 people

16 trays will entertain
15 to 20 people

Call 849-4840 to order your Entertaining Deli Trays!

Sandwich Trays

12 TRAY-$19.99

16 TRAY-$29.99


Black Forest Ham

Roast Beef


Ham and Cheese

Egg Salad

Chicken Salad



Fresh White, Whole Wheat or Multi-grain Bread

White, Whole Wheat or Flavoured Wraps


Cheese Trays

12 TRAY-$35.00

16 TRAY-$40.00

Cheddar, Marble, and Havarti Cheeses,

3 types of Crackers

Seedless Grapes


Gourmet Cheese Tray

12 Tray $49.99

Armstrong 5-year-old Cheddar

Blue Stilton

Goat cheese

Bellevitano Espresso

Olives, Grape Tomatoes and seedless grapes


Festive Cheese Ball Tray

10 TRAY -$19.99

Zesty Cheese Ball

3 Types of Crackers

Seedless Grapes


Pate Tray

10 Tray-$19.99

Choice of 3 types of Pate

Danish Blue Cheese

Smoked Apple wood Cheese

3 Types of Crackers


Dipping Tray

12 Tray $30.00

Salsa, Hummus, and Cheese Dip

Pita chips and Tortilla chips


Meat Trays

Cubed Meat and Cheese

12 Tray-$30.00

16 Tray-$40.00

Chris Brothers Pepperoni (mild-hot)

Garlic Coil

Polish Coil

Honey Mustard Dip

Cheddar, Marble and Havarti cheeses

Seedless Grapes



Sliced Meats

12 Tray-$25.00

16 Tray $35.00

Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham, Turkey and Ham

White/Whole Wheat mini Salad Rolls

Grape Tomatoes or Olives


Sliced Meats and Cheese

12 Tray  $30.00

16 Tray  $40.00

Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham, Turkey and Ham.

Sliced Cheddar, Marble and Swiss Cheese.

Grape Tomatoes

White/Whole wheat mini Salad Rolls


Vegetable Tray

12 Tray-$25.00

16 Tray-$35.00


Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green/Red/Yellow Peppers, Carrots,

Mushrooms and Grape Tomatoes.

Ranch or Greek Dip


Fruit Trays

12 Tray-$30.00

16 Tray-$35.00


Honey Dew Melon, Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Grapes, watermelon

and strawberries with Creamy Dip

Sweet Trays

12 Tray $19.99

16 Tray $29.99


Assorted bakery squares & cakes.


 Call 849-4840 to order your Entertaining Deli Trays!


coffee urn

We Cater Coffee!

We now cater Just Us! Coffee in a 100 cup coffee urn including milkers, sugar and cups. ($110)

Next time you have a group to impress with a great cup of coffee, call us. If you need food trays to accompany your coffee, let us know. We have a great and varied selection of trays including sandwich, meat, veggie, fruit, cheese trays and more. What do you need? We'll create it for you!