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Gluten Free Products

We carry Gluten Free (GF) Crackers, Snacks, Bagels, Bread, Pasta, English Muffins and Cookies and more!
Mary's Organic Crackers GFWe have new Gluten Free products all over the store. Mary has taste tested and approved Mary's Organic Crackers! Time to take some home and try them for yourself!

Gluten Free Snacks
New Moon GF Cookies
Most of our New Moon Cookies are made with Spelt Flour (low in gluten) and one variety, Mackies, are Gluten Free.


Gluten Free Breads 

GF Muffins and Bagels

In our freezer section, we now have a wider variety of GF products including Cinnamon Raisin NY Style Bagels, & Silver Hills Omega Flax Bread.

Our Silver Hills Squirrelly Bagels aren't GF, but they are very popular and delicious.  

We also carry Quinoa pasta and Quiona flour.

GF Pasta

Gluten Free Pastas 

We have Gluten Free Macaroni, Rotini, Penne, Armonie and Spaghetti too. Perfect pairing for our Organic Pasta Sauces.

Our new gluten free pasta is perfect for those requiring a gluten free diet or looking to eat less gluten, without sacrificing good taste or quality.  

And remember...fruits and vegetables are always gluten free!