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16 JUL 2013 09:56PM

ROTHESAY – In the 18 years since Cochran’s Country Market opened in Rothesay, Tim Cochran said he never dreamed the business would deal with anything like the armed robbery that took place early Tuesday morning.

It was about 1:30 a.m., while two regular night-shift employees were busy baking bread, when the popular market was invaded, Cochran said.

“Three individuals with guns came in our back door, obviously surprised our two employees, and then tied them up with zip ties.”

Cochran said after tying up the employees, the intruders broke into his office and removed a safe used to store coin and small amounts of cash.

“Nobody was hurt and nothing else was really damaged, we just lost the safe,” he said.

“They were in and out in about 10 minutes.”

Cochran said his store is armed with an alarm and security system, but he would be unlikely to even consider this type of crime as being a possibility at the Market, located at 106 Hampton Rd.

“We’ve never had anything like this. There’s been a little bit of vandalism and the odd missing flower basket, but nothing so serious.”

Rothesay Regional Police issued a statement on their Facebook page confirming an armed robbery had taken place and an unknown amount of money was stolen.

Const. Krystal Daley said no further information will be released, but police are investigating the robbery. They’ve asked anyone with information to call police at 847-6300 or anonymously through Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Cochran said he’ll be taking a closer look in the future at how he keeps his business and employees safe.

“I guess it does change the rules a bit in how we look at things, I think we’ll discontinue having a night crew here, and we’ll lock the place down,” he said.

“If they break in, they break in, they can take what they will and at least no one will get hurt.”

There was no sign of the incident slowing the business down on Tuesday, as a steady flow of customers came in to purchase local produce, meat and other groceries.

David Mowatt of Rothesay has been shopping at Cochran’s since it opened in 1996, and said he was disappointed to hear of such a positive business in the community being targeted by crime.

“It would never occur to me that could happen, but I suppose maybe we should expect things like this. It’s a very busy community and it’s growing,” he said.

“I know the customers will be here no matter what goes on.”

Cochran said he had a long chat with his victimized employees at the store while police were investigating, and while initially shook up, he said they were able to share a laugh or two and were calmed down after a couple hours.

He said Cochran’s will soldier on as usual, and he’s just relieved the situation didn’t unfold any worse than it did.

“At the end of the day, the loss of money is too bad because we work really hard to earn it, but nobody was hurt, so it’s positive that way.”

Message from Tim at Cochran's....
We have a lot to be thankful for this week at Cochran's
We are feeling the love from our fabulous community after news spread that there was an armed robbery here at Cochran's early Tuesday morning. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us and shown us support all week since the shocking event.
We're happy that no one was seriously hurt and we are taking measures to ensure the safety of our Cochran's family. Thank you to everyone who has called and checked in....we appreciate your support and best wishes.
Heart Shaped Strawberry

Oct 4, 2012
WOW ~ We came in 2nd!!
We were really honoured to be nominated for a Saint John Board of Trade  Outstanding Business Award recently and was blown away to find our we were a finalist, along with Innovatia, in the Business Excellence category! We attended the awards ceremony last night and ...we came in second place, but the fact that we were recognized for our achievements was awesome.  I want to thank the Saint John Board of Trade for a wonderful evening and congratulations to all the winners and nominees!


Cochran's Caught in the Act!!

From KV Style, September 2012

Sept 29, 2012

Cochran's is a Finalist in the upcoming

Outstanding Business Awards Gala!

On Wednesday, October 3, 2012, the Saint John Board of Trade is having their annual Outstanding Business Awards evening at the Trade & Convention Centre. Cochran's is honoured to have been chosen as a finalist in the Business Excellence category along with Innovatia. We are thrilled at the nomination looking forward to a fun night at the event. Take a look at all the nominees and read more about it!

Cochran's Country Market Wins the 2011 Business of the Year/Excellence in Business Award!

Here's some of the Cochran's gang celebrating a big win! Cochran's Country Market won the 2011 Business of the Year/Excellence in Business Award at the Kennebecasis Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala!  

We are  honoured and humbled by this award and really grateful to be serving the terrific people in the Kennebecasis Valley.


Caught in the Act!

September 28, 2011 ~ From the Telegraph of our young customers caught by camera in our Pumpkin Patch!


Parking Lot Expansion...

August 2011 - Our parking lot has expanded! Now it's easier to make your way to Cochran's Country Market, and much easier to leave! Watch for our new parking lot grand opening in September!


Published Friday August 19th, 2011 in KV Style, page A10

Farm boy loves good, fresh food
Tim Cochran says his market has developed his tastes

By Craig Pinhey, Wine & dine

My Valley Foodie for the month of August is Tim Cochran, owner of Cochran's Country Market at 106 Hampton Rd.

Cochran has lived in the Valley the last eight years, but grew up in Bloomfield, and went to Kennebecasis Valley High School.

Tim Cochran is a big believer in good, fresh food (such as local fiddleheads).

Cochran's Country Market opened in March of 1996. "I had just finished my MBA from Fredericton," explains Cochran, "and was looking for an opportunity. I had managed Kredl's for 10 summers while in university. With a $2,000 loan from my dad, 10 years of practical experience, and a good rapport with many local farmers... off I went."

In the two years before he took over the market it had different owners and was called the Produce Barn.

When asked if his love of food led him to this job or if it happened the other way around, Cochran answers: "The business led me to appreciate good, fresh food, and to slowly understand and respect the importance of healthy food for our bodies."

There's no doubt that his early years had an influence on his interest in the food industry. "I grew up on a farm," he says, "so I always valued the importance of supporting our local farmers and appreciating how hard they work and what an important job they have."

"The best thing about my job," Cochran says, "is talking to people that are passionate about food, especially healthy, nutritious and unique foods."

I asked him about a top dining experience. "My favourite meal is at Dimitri's in Fredericton," says Cochran. "I always have their cold platter. It's a fresh and beautiful assortment of Greek flavours and textures: Lamb meatballs, grape leaves stuffed with rice, the feta cheese pastry, and the hummus served with warm pita bread!"

That said, he's a big fan of homecooked meals, too. "Amazing or surprising meals seem to happen at friends' homes," he says. "We were invited over to a friend's place for a very traditional meat-and-potatoes meal, but it was truly amazing. A beef blade roast, slowly cooked all day."

And don't forget dessert: "Rice pudding would be the last dessert I would ever order or make at home, but it was amazing... jasmine rice cooked perfectly, juicy raisins and sprinkled with fresh cinnamon. I had three bowls."

Cochran has provided us with one of his favourite recipes, for spaghetti sauce. I'd serve this with a food-friendly Italian red like Gabbiano Chianti.

Spaghetti Sauce
Sauté one small onion and two cloves of fresh garlic (local in season) in a tablespoon of olive oil.

Add two cans of organic tomatoes, half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, and bring to a boil.
Add lots of fresh veggies - two or three fresh basil leaves, crimini or button mushrooms, two more cloves of garlic, two red peppers (or any colour), chopped up. Let simmer for a half hour.
Add two to three tablespoons of fresh grated parmesan. This makes the sauce turn a beautiful rosé colour.
Simmer a bit more and pour over some whole wheat pasta (any type).
Serve with garlic bread.

My daughters, Natasha and Isabella, help with the garlic bread... a whole wheat baguette sliced, brushed with olive oil (both sides). Add a couple of small pieces of fresh garlic, an oregano or basil leaf. Sprinkle with fresh parmesan cheese and bake.

Craig Pinhey is a writer and Sommelier.