Fresh & Local Food Choices, Every Day!

Local Fruits and Vegetables

We have always believed in supporting our New Brunswick  growers and producers first. Then we reach out to other Maritime Farms and then other Canadian suppliers.

Popular seasonal products, like strawberries, blueberries, beans and corn are often picked the day before or THE SAME DAY,  and arrive just in time for supper!


(these can vary depending on the weather and season)

Fiddleheads (the first fresh NB crop) - end of April to end of May

Rhubarb - first of May to end of June

Strawberries - end of June to end of August

Raspberries - mid July (2 to 3 weeks) 

New Potatoes - mid July onward

Bunch Carrots - mid July to end of September

Green & Yellow Beans - mid July to mid September

Peas - first of July to end of August

Blueberries - first of August to Mid September

Corn - first of August to Mid September

Peaches (Ontario/NS) - first of August

Squash - mid August to end of December

Apples & Apple Cider - first of September to early Spring (Honeycrisp arrive first of October)