Fresh & Local Food Choices, Every Day!

Fresh Meats

Welcome to Cochran's Meat Department! 

All of our meat products are 100% Canadian.

Our beef products are from "Atlantic Beef" located on beautiful PEI.

Atlantic beef products are from animals raised responsibly in the Maritimes. 

  • Premium AAA Beef
  • Locally raised on small family farms
  • Humane handling
  • Highest quality grass and fodder, potato and selected feeds
  • No synthetic hormones
  • Antibiotic-free for at least 100 days prior to going to market

Our chickens come from Eden Valley farms in Nova Scotia.

We have whole large chickens which are naturally raised form Sussex NB. (not organic, but close as you can get)

We have naturally raised Fresh Turkey's from Sussex NB, available for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Our pork is from Quebec and we can bring in fresh NB pork on request.

We have frozen lamb and we can bring in fresh NB lamb on request.

Our ground beef is very popular!  We only use fresh beef portions from Atlantic beef.  We grind it fresh every day.  There are no by-products or extras added to our ground beef.....only FRESH maritime grown beef!!

Don't forget to ask about our Atlantic Blue Dot Beef!

"Consistent. Delicious. Memorable. Blue Dot Reserve is our top tier AAA grade beef and guarantees an exquisite dining experience, with or without fine linens, sparkling silverware and candlelight.  Expertly cut and gorgeously marbled, it proves our passion for top quality beef.  Its consistency, texture and delectable taste, will take quality to a whole new level, and have customers coming back time and time again.

Blue Dot Reserve Beef is hand raised and handpicked making it unparalleled in quality, consistency, and tantalizing taste. We team up with our producers to provide safe food, reliable value, superior service and ultimate satisfaction." Atlantic Beef